Leslie French For Congress

Leadership powered by Experience


Primary Education

Concord Law School: Juris Doctor (2014)

Portland State University: B.S. Business Administration (2006)


Executive Management & Leadership Positions

Managing Member, Believe LLC (2013-present)

President, Rose City Gymnastics Academy (2009-2013)

Executive Council, AFT AFL-CIO Local 3922 ( 2011-2013)

Exec. Dir., John Does Anonymous Foundation (2000-2003)

President, National Assoc. Trade Exchanges (1994)

President, William Bradford Financial Services (1990-1997)

Chairman, National Assoc. Trade Exchanges (1995)

President, Intercity Network Assoc. (1986-1997)

V.P. International Trade, ITEX Corp. (1984-1990)


Elected Office, Trade Association, & Union

AFT AFL-CIO Local 3922 ( 2009-2013)

John Does Anonymous Foundation (2000-2003)

National Association Trade Exchanges (1986-1996)

Intercity Network Association (1986-1997)

International Reciprocal Trade Association (1986-1999)


Other Schools Attended

Portland Community College (Portland, Ore.)

East Texas State University (Tyler, Tex.)

Kilgore College (Kilgore, Tex.)

Ambassador College (Big Sandy, Tex.)

United States Military Academy (West Point, NY)

Morley-Stanwood H.S. (Morley, Mich.)

Central Florida Christian School (Maitland, Fla.)


Other Employment

Portland Community College (2002-2013)

Lintex Company (Or. 1978-83)

Western-Southern Life (Tex. 1976-77)

Southland Corp. (Tex. 1974-76)

Ambassador College "AC" Ranch (Tex. 1973-74)

Cranny-Anderson Farms (Mich. 1970-71)


Leslie "Nick" French has lived in Washington's 3rd Congressional District since 2016,  currently residing in Camas, Washington; he has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1978.  He is owner and Managing Member of a USA Gymnastics club which serves the greater Portland/Vancouver market.  Born at the dawn of the Space Era in Orlando, Florida, Leslie was raised with strong Christian values and teachings, and a fervor for loyalty and duty to God and Country.  The following statement explains why his background as a candidate is unusual:

My candidacy is uncommon because unlike many federal candidates, I bring a broad background of training, education, and executive experience in many differing fields of experience as a "non-politician".    Between 1986 to 2003 I have had to work with, and sometimes against, congressional lobbyists on issues related to IRS taxation, free speech protection on the Internet, and modern copyright law.  I discovered that persuading our representatives to oppose special interest clients of well-paying lobbying organizations was not a permanent career choice, and I decided at that time I did not want to continue into federal polictics.  Times have changed.  More than two decades later, I have been encouraged by many of my long-time friends and business associates to represent Washington District 3 in the U.S. House. 

(I strongly believe that the most important political battles are local and state elections:  city counsel, school board, commissioner/counselor, legislature, and judicial elections, because that is where the root of accountability is anchored.  I strongly encourage our young and talented citizens to get involved in these elections or even run for office.)

In 1967 I was presented the civilian Honorary Pararescueman Award by the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service (ARRS) division of the (then) Military Airlift Command for bravery in aiding the narrow escape of thee persons from a burning house.  I was a carrier for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper at the time, discovering a house engulfed in flames after hearing an explosion on my early morning paper route, while the occupants, one of whom was a bed-ridden invalid, slept.

I started my first business ("French-Gregg Quail Farm") while in high school, breeding and selling exotic ducks and game birds for restaurant delicacies on his family's Michigan farm .  My first employment job was driving a feed truck on a nearby cattle feed lot in Michigan at age 16.  I lettered in varsity football and varsity track on my high school's team.  During this time, I and my younger brother narrowly escaped death when being pulled into the draught of a horrendous tornado.  After that incident, when I found myself laying on the roof of where our barn had once stood only seconds earlier, I was endowed with a strong sense of purpose of which I have pursued ever since.

I was awarded a special nomination to the United States Military Academy by President Nixon, which I accepted.  As it worked out, I left West Point amid family pressure to pursue a religious education on an Army deferral with a promise that a specialized training program would soon be available (helicopter pilot training), but the program didn't materialize until years later, long after I resigned from the Army and started a family.  I never regretted my time at the Academy, the impact of the West Point regimine on my life, the values I learned, and most of all the great Americans I met there, who would be influential and instrumental in my future careers.

While going to college in East Texas, I held a 20-hour a week job as a cattle ranch hand at the AC Ranch near Gladewater, Texas; later the ranch job was the most satisfying and rewarding work I ever had the privilege of doing; we worked on horseback "cowboy style" several times a week cutting and moving cattle from pasture to pasture, and I felt I like there was no greater occupation in life.  Later I took low level manager positions with several companies as I gained experience and continued college, preparing me for executive positions in international trade and eventually a legal defense foundation focused on protecting Internet free speech in the new millenium.

In 1978 I relocated to Eugene, Oregon, and later to Portland to accept a job where I was appointed to my first executive position in 1985 related to international trade, and soon after I was also appointed CEO of an insurance and financial services company, and acquiring that company five years later.

In 1988 and 1989, I fund-raised through my companies and organizations over $200,000 for Nancy Reagan's Just Say No Foundation, an anti-drug abuse network of clubs designed to teach school age children how to resist the temptation of drugs; and over $2,000,000 raised on behalf of Special Olympics organizations in 29 states.

I am a federalist.  The role of government is to serve and protect the American people, and not the other way around.  The Constitution preserves freedom by placing limits on the role of federal and state governance.  The current political catastrophe Americans are experiencing is the most dire in my lifetime, citing a coalition of foreign interests such as communist China and wealthy globalists who do not care for the future of America, but rather seek to increase the wealth and power of the "ruling class" through global socialism.  I will protect the natural environment, not the Chinese Communist Party.

1972:  Richard M. Nixon, Republican Party


1976:  Gerald R. Ford, Republican Party


1980:  Ronald W. Reagan, Republican Party


1984:  Ronald W. Reagan, Republican Party


1988:  George H. W. Bush, Republican Party


1992:  George H. W. Bush, Republican Party


1996:  Robert J. Dole, Republican Party


2000:  Ralph Nader, Green Party


2004:  Ralph Nader, Reform Party


2008:  John S. McCain III, Republican Party**


2012:  Willard M. Romney, Republican Party**


2016:  Donald J. Trump, Republican Party


2020:  Donald J. Trump, Republican Party

* Leslie French's voting record and overall support of Republican Candidates is unmatched by any other candidate of any party in Washington CD3.

** Regarding the elections of 2008 and 2012, "...the first thing I look forward to in a candidate is honesty, that the candidate is expressing his honest opinion from the heart, his actual intention, and not an agenda motivated by politics; in retrospect, had these two candidates actually been elected, it would not hae been in the best interests of the American people.  Of the other candidates for whom I voted on this list, I am quite proud of my record."

50 years of Leslie French's voting record in presidential elections*